dreams: June 2, 1999

leading a summer program

I see Bobbie working in an office. I talk to her. Then I go into a big auditorium. A summer program for young teens is now starting up, and I got recruited to work for it as a counselor, though I don't really know if I want to spend my time doing it. I see Granny sitting in the audience. An older adult man is in front leading the whole thing; we are in the process of designating each leader with a theme for his or her group. I somehow get "popcorn" as mine. A familiar young man has the topic of Renaissance drama or something similar. I'm starting to regret being here. It just doesn't seem like something I want to be doing right now.

The opening ceremony ends, and I walk up to the back of the auditorium. A young woman is rolling around on the floor in a dramatic tantrum. Aaron Wong walks by and says, "Oh, don't pull that one again" to the girl. I'm sitting on the floor flipping through a magazine. I tear out a couple full-page spreads that I think might be fun to use for art projects or something in the future. They're abstract photographs with women's body parts -- light, airy, blurry. One is sensual and alluring, with a quote about sexuality.

- FIN -

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