dreams: Tuesday, July 17, 2001

um momento

Django as a youngster I'm going to different churches with Django Andrews. We're accidentally interrupting and being in the wrong places at the wrong times... Then Mom and Phoebe are doing laundry together.

Then I'm in a room full of people. We are in a circle doing yoga stretches together. Then we break up to do something else. I go to the bathroom. I have my period. I'm on the toilet when a young woman opens the door and starts to come in the small room. "Um momento," I say to her. She looks confused but turns around and leaves. When I come back out, she's standing outside the door. I tell her that my words were in Portuguese and meant "please wait a moment." As I tell her this I know that I'm embellishing a little bit, since I didn't really say please, nor ask her to actually wait.

People are now sitting at tables taking tests (or filling out questionnaires?). I sit in an empty chair that has a blank pamphlet in front of it. It is actually a bound book that looks like a photo album. It has odd multiple-choice questions that I don't know how to answer. One question has a picture next to each of the four possible answers; all four pics are from different movies, and each one depicts two men together in an intimate way in that moment (even though some are very masculine scenes, with war and fires).

Another question has a glass tube pasted to the page. Inside are 3 or 4 huge rolled joints, with dried green stuff pouring out the ends. The question asks something about "grass." I wonder to myself if we can take the stuff inside the tube to keep for ourselves. I open it up to smell it. At first I think it really is marijuana, but then I look closer and see that it's literally grass.

leaving 248 3rd St.

I'm at 248 3rd St., getting ready to leave Ashland. Faith comes by to say goodbye to me. She's with her mom. We are sitting in the living room (and the couch is in the old position, under the front window, with a second one in the current location). Faith makes a big goodbye card for me as we hang out.

I see Greg B. ride down the street on a bicycle. He circles back around and comes in the house. I feel torn between the two energies, because I want to spend time with both Faith and Greg, but I feel so different with each friend. I introduce them to each other as "Jane" and "John." Then I realize my mistake and use their real names. Greg is eating a good-looking Mexican burrito.

I ask Faith Walker to bring me one of my packed bags to wherever I'm going (since she's also going there) in case I don't have room to carry it myself. I'm then upstairs, looking at my clothes, trying to decide what to bring. I have a plastic yogurt-container full of fruit I'm going to take too. We're watching a documentary on soap opera production. It shows what happens behind the scenes. They all look very '80s. I say that my aunt used to be on one of the shows. The show then portrays all the actors throwing up all over each other -- they're totally covered in puke that looks like creamy alfredo sauce.

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