dreams: August 6, 1999

random weirdness

I'm in a supermarket, next to a wall-climbing setup. Cole Schnitzer is here. I had a powerful dream about him, so I go get my dream journal to show him. I see Mom and tell her. I look at eggs on the wall.

Then I need to be in a couple places at once. John is playing with a band; I see it in an ad at Swarthmore. It's lunchtime. I'm looking through a fridge, hungry. Yet all I can is old scraps of leftovers. Anna Winthrop is here.

I'm giving back my combination lock to get my money deposit back. I write my name and number down.

Then I'm walking with a girl my age and her family. Her dad is a professor, and her parents are still married. Everyone strips, taking off all our clothes. We're all naked. It feels so comfortable. I tell her she's lucky. We're walking in beautiful areas of nature. Then we reach a place where Chris Scheller joins us. He puts on a shirt that he calls "pornography." It's a red button-up shortsleeve. It says "hey bitch" on the pocket. There is a cartoon picture of a monkey on the back. It's abrasive. We walk up a hill. It's now dark. Water is coming down. They're all talking about pieces they've published in magazines.

- FIN -

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