dreams: August 5, 1999

connecting with the Padrinhos

Padrinho Sebastiao is here. We are having a beautiful connection. He's short, little and full of light. We hug. Pure love. He wants me to come write a book for him after I graduate, since I'm an English major. Another woman is also going to be writing it, he says. Then I'm looking on a fridge for a photo of me to give to Padrinho. I find it: a black and white faded picture of me as a baby with Mom.

Then I'm sitting behind Padrinho Alfredo. I am tapping the back of his neck with my left hand. He turns around slightly annoyed. I hold up my hand, showing him my fingers so he'll know what was tapping him. I'm embarrassed, realizing that my action is not very appropriate.

clothes, "fungal," skipping, blondes

I'm talking to Mimi about the significance of clothes. It's in reference to something I'm wearing. Chad (the young man from Mountain Supply in Ashland's plaza) and Phoebe are here. Mimi tells a story of Miles wearing a particular t-shirt. A woman ended up getting raped somehow. Daveed's name comes up, which makes Chad say, "fungal, fungal, fungal."

Then I'm in another room with some young girls. They're planning a trip to an exotic island. They are all blonde. They are fakey. Their energy does not appeal to me.

Then I'm on a grass lawn with Jordan Gans-Morse. It's before class, very early morning. He invites me to skip. I can't -- I have to go to class.

I'm in a car. We pass by an old brick building. Someone says we're going to rebuild it for the church as a place to do works. But no, it's cancelled because it's too much of a hassle. She says we can't go in now. I say I've spent many hours there. We walk through the city.

an evaluation of comfort and abundance

I'm going over my dance sheet with my professor. Her name is Sally, and she has short, grey hair. There is a picture of a full cup in a living room with a fireplace. She says it's a symbol of comfort and abundance. It also represents my consistency in class. I think she's telling me bullshit.

- FIN -

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