dreams: August 4, 1999

my brain is flooded with high energy

I'm sitting in a booth at a table with some friends and family (many from the D.). It is in the dining room of our house. I'm facing the front door, my left side on the alley side. Silas arrives. He walks up to the table, on my right. I look up at him. He's wearing jeans and a white shirt (and a hat?). He seems to be glowing, full of light, with a high frequency. I think of the Mannatech products and realize how good they must be. We greet each other. The energy is very warm and pure, like true friends. He reaches down and holds my hand, which feels comforting.

All of a sudden I feel an overwhelming surge of energy that my consciousness can't handle. I start to have what feels like an epileptic seizure. I close my eyes -- everything is now dark in my vision. I feel like I'm passing out, as if I'm not getting enough oxygen in my brain. I can't talk. I'm still holding Silas' hand, so I know he can help me. I squeeze it. "Help," I say very softly. The sound barely comes out of my mouth. I don't know if anyone can hear me. Then my left hand moves over my third eye and makes three Reiki symbols over it:

zee ga na ZEE GA NA

cho ku rei CHO KU REI

doh yah noh DOH YAH NOH

Suddenly I open my eyes, and I'm sitting at a desk across from an older woman. My consciousness is back to a clearish state. I feel like I'm returning here -- as if I've been here the whole time, and the rest happened when I closed my eyes for a moment. "Did you just have a seizure?" the woman asks me. "Yes," I say. She seems to be my therapist. She's a middle-aged woman with short hair, quite comforting to me. We're in a room that feels full of comforts: bookshelfs, thick carpeting, solid furniture, etc.

Then I'm in a different place, seated at the head of a long table in the dining room at home. I'm eating a noodle dish with lots of steamed spinach. The table is covered in a white cloth. There is a vase of flowers in the middle. Brothers and sisters from the D. are here. Jane is on my left. Eva is on the right side of the table, down on the other end. But her name is now Rosa. She comes up to me and tells me she doesn't quite understand "the chart." Thus she needs to talk to Jane; yet there is some tension between the two women, maybe after living in the same house for too long. Rosa goes to talk to her anyway. Then John comes up to me and says he doesn't get the chart. (I think it's in reference to the diagram that explains how to set everything up for a work.) He needs to know.

- FIN -

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