dreams: March 14, 1999

holding onto my possessions

I'm swimming across Lake Tahoe, trying to keep all the stuff I'm carrying in my arms from floating away.

feeling my energy with Troy

I'm in a supermarket. I meet up with Troy and another young male friend. There is so much energy between Troy and me that we can't look at each other. The three of us sit down on the floor. Troy stretches out, lying on his back. I want to look at him and talk to him, but I can't. I turn to face the other direction. Mom is on my mind; I'm worried about her.

rescuing the bleeding man

I'm walking along a street. A young man is stretched out before me, his head in the gutter. He's wounded. He is African-American, and his hair is an afro. The left side of his head is bleeding. He's been waiting for someone to come find him. I go get help.

Later (it feels like much later), I'm walking through a building -- a small house that's been commercialized into some business or center. Upstairs I go into a bedroom and find the same guy lying on the floor, his head again bleeding. Now he is suddenly Matt Schwartz (from WSRN) with a huge afro. He asks me to go get help. I calmly walk out into another part of the house. There is a big man in another room who is in charge of dealing with situations like this (he has a dark beard and long, straight hair that's pulled back). He stands up and puts on his jacket, going to check out the problem.

I really have to go pee. I go sit down on a toilet in the main room of the house at the bottom of the stairs. There is a computer in front of me; I'm looking at a homepage (it looks like a yearbook spread) with a photo of a young jockette woman who plays basketball and is very urban. The look on her face is very apathetic. I'm done peeing and now want to wipe, but I hear the man coming down the stairs, so I decide to wait til he's gone since I'd be more comfortable doing it in privacy. I pull the blanket that's next to the toilet up over my lap. I think the guy with the afro is okay now.

- FIN -

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