dreams: March 15, 1999

Deborah reflects the Virgin Mary

I'm sitting at a bar talking to Deborah Stein. She asks me what my major is. English Lit., I tell her. I ask her what her major is, but then I remember that English is her's as well. I'm looking in her eyes when I see a reflection of the Virgin Mary; the image is within a bright blue rectangle in each eye. I am entranced. Then I see that there is a framed picture of Holy Mary hanging above my head (she's facing it), thus it's being reflected. We talk about how we missed each other at Swat last year, since I was studying abroad in the fall, and Deborah was away in the following spring.

the social dynamics of a party

I'm up on a ledge watching a party below me (through a video camera?). I see Aaron Wong dancing. He is wearing gold pants that have a very high waist, way above his belly button, as well as a long-sleeved shirt that is silvery dark. When he sees my camera, he waves it away. There are two twins dancing in the back; they're wearing long skirts. I see Talia dancing.

Chris (Noli's boyfriend) is with me. He's very small. I pick him up and put him on my lap, holding him close to my body. He feels like a five-year old and reminds me of Tim Stewart-Winter. He and I are holding hands, with our fingers interlaced; his fingers are absolutely tiny, like a baby or an alien. He tells me that this is what I was doing at the last dance. I try to remember, but I can't. He's teasing me about it. I wonder if I was drunk? I sing a song out loud: "High to high, throat to mouth, this is love."

- FIN -

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