dreams: Saturday, July 21, 2001

Ashland's cheap sales

The women across the street (3rd St., in Ashland) are doing a yard sale. They have a simple display of a little table with a big sign that says "3 cents" (using the cent sign). I go look. There are little things for cheap. I see that the coins the women are using are special. The pennies, nickles and dimes are textured, with dents and scratches, since the women cannot see very well.

Their sale inspires me to sell more stuff from our house. I cruise through the upstairs and gather random things to sell because we need to get rid of them. The upstairs bedrooms are almost empty, with just a few things scattered on the floors. I see a suitcase. It is filled with scuba gear.

Then I'm in Ashland's YMCA, but it has the purpose of a Goodwill store, selling lots of things for low prices. It's in a new location. I'm walking through, looking around. I see a familiar pair of shoes -- black platform flip-flops -- that I once donated. I open up bins to see the clothes inside. Mom catches my eye through the front window, since she's outside the store. When I'm leaving I have to walk through a set of columns (to detect shoplifting?). I create a big controversy because I did something wrong. There is no proof that I did or didn't steal something. So the store clerks have to pull over their manager, who is a very young man (younger than me). He has pale skin and dark brown hair. He takes me into a small room. I trust that I'll be fine if I just stay honest.

Now the room is packed with people, including Mom, John and Phoebe. There is a restaurant here, and they're waiting for their food. I see that the young manager is wearing a t-shirt that has an address with "College Avenue" listed on the front. So I figure he'll know Swat. I tell him that I've recently been gone, as a student at Swarthmore, so I missed the changeover to this new location, and I've missed the new changes they now have here. As I say this outloud, I realize in the back of my head that I'm stretching the truth, since I actually graduated a while ago.

confrontation with my past

I'm walking up a street with John and Phoebe. There is a group of people over on our right. One person looks familiar. I look closer. It's Steve Snyder. His son Nate is here too (still little and young). Forest and Eli are here. I realize I have to confront them. The is my chance to not back away but to clear up that part of my past. I stop and approach them. My adrenaline is hot.

baby Hanzlik

Geoff and Meagan are having their baby. They have a son, a new member of the family. They are now a threesome.

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