dreams: June 24, 1999

sexual subordination

I'm rolling around on the ground with some guy my age. We're naked. He is a jock and is very aggressive. He wants to have sex, though he doesn't tell me. I tell him that he's used to being with women who are very different than me; somehow I just know. My hand is on his dick, and I'm teasing him, stimulating him, though not enjoying myself at all. He wants to close the door. I wonder if he's going to try to rape me.

deluxe swimming pool

Then I'm with a group of people, and we're sitting around talking. Several are talking on phones. All are my age, and two are black. We are going to a big indoor swimming pool at Guilliani's home in NYC. We're trying to decide if we should go to his house or ____'s house (some other rich New Yorker bigwig). We go to the former one. It's totally fancy. There is a wall of technological controls next to the pool; it kind of looks like a museum. The place is heated and well-lit. One of the displays is a glass case of pubic hairs. I see that the purpose of it is for swimmers to compare the size of their own pubic hairs with the ones on display.

- FIN -

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