dreams: June 25, 1999

milking a cow and seeing old friends

I'm ordered to milk a cow. The animal is in front of me (it's the cow from Alex and Sonia's house). I'm shown which udder nipples to use. I pull on them and thick warm milk comes out. I fill up a bucket. Then I'm in a comfortable living room. It has big books on the coffeetables.

Then I'm in a different living room with other people. It's Noli's house. Old Ashland friends are there. I talk to Tia Farrell. Then I see Troy. We talk, trying to figure out a time to do something together.

Then I'm in a funny-shaped house (tree-like). It's John's house. There are special secret staircases and passageways. Phoebe appears in a room. She's been here the whole time. Shiny stones.

- FIN -

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