dreams: June 27, 1999

the food takes a long time, but at least it's free

I'm in a restaurant, ordering food. It takes a long time. My friend gets her food for free because the restaurant accidentally lost her order by serving it to someone else. She gets her plate, and it's HUGE. Django is here too.

abandoning my academic reality

I'm bailing out of school. I'm at Swat, and I can't stand it anymore. I leave without telling anyone first. I think about the classes I'm dropping without credit.

Then I'm at a different school. I'm walking through a wide hallway outside that has stone archways overhead. I see Amber Fyfe-Johnson walking towards me. Whoa! I haven't seen her in ages, nor even thought of her. She has green hair. We hug. I ask her where we are. She names her college. I am very surprised because I'm now on the West coast; I ran away from school and made it all the way here on my own. I tell Amber (and now Cedar and Kestrel as well) that I dropped out of my college. They don't get it that I came all the way from the East coast. Then I'm suddenly in the front yard at my house in Ashland, and John is here with me.

playing with my image

I'm getting ready for a school dance. I'm looking in the mirror, happy with what I see. I'm wearing a blue wrap-dress; it's sleeveless and has light-blue fringe going down the whole seam where it overlaps -- the whole thing is very unique for a dance.

I see myself in the mirror from the direct back, and I'm now naked. I'm healthy and slim, with a cute round butt and toned thighs. My skin is a golden tan. I realize I must have lost some weight, probably because I'm in Mapia.

Then I'm looking through my closet to find shoes to wear. I pick out an interesting orange pair and then a green pair. I have many, many pairs of high heels and dress shoes. At first I was just wearing my most normal pair: cream-colored classy satin pumps with straps. Then I get excited as I realize how many choices I actually have. They're from the future or from some other planet. I relish in the fact that I can wear something very unusual and eyecatching. The orange ones are a smooth matte plastic in a very odd shape. I see a couple of pairs like them. There are also a pair of purple shoes that are huge, like big purses made for feet. There is a green pair I like, but I see that they don't have enough contrast to my stockings and my dress. Then I see a pair of high heels (orange) without actual heels (as if they were invisible, or like Barbie's feet), which is interesting but not what I want.

Now I'm looking at my hair. I tie a bandana around my head, but it makes me look too much like a farm girl. My hair is long enough to hit my shoulders. I think about wearing it in two braids but decide not to. Then I bend down and run my hands through my hair vigorously to get it all puffed out. It's wet. In the mirror it now seems shorter; it is wild and bright blue to match my dress. I like it. I have a bright green mesh bag to carry my flashlight. I know Noli is waiting, so I have to go.

Then I'm at a hairdresser's with Mom and Phoebe. The female hairdresser is asking me some questions. She asks me who normally cuts my hair. I name some guy, pointing out his place down in the parking lot below (looking out the window, we are in a high storey of the building). The dance is also being held at a nearby building, and I can see people going inside it. I ask if she'll do my hair and then also paint my toenails if we have time.

Then she's done. I look in the mirror and am pleased with the results. My hair is long, with highlighted streaks of blonde and light brown that look semi-natural. It's pulled back/up into a styled hairdo, though some hair is left hanging over my shoulders. I look at my face. My skin is clear and golden, full of light. I'm happy with how I look. Mom and Phoebe are waiting for their chance to get hairdos. I tell them I'm going to go to the dance now. I tell Mom I'll pay her back later. Her face is a mass of light dots, like sesame seeds pressed into dough. She reminds me a lot of Madrinha Maria Brilliante.

I go to the dance. Noli is there with her family. She's saying goodbye to her grandmother. I am excited to see Tillie. "Tillie!" I say, running up to her to hug her.

Then I'm in the women's restroom. As I am walking towards a stall, I pass by Michaela DeSoucey. She is wearing overalls, standing outside a stall totally crying, talking to a friend who is inside. I pat her on the back as I go into my stall.

rinse off

I'm outside with a group of people. We're all getting rinsed off, using water hoses to spray ourselves down. It's a cleansing experience. [Then I wake up in agony, not able to go back to sleep. My mosquito bites are killing me, and I feel very pessimistic. I wish I could just die.]

sweet, mad, hot & wet

There are desserts on tables all over the place. Lots and lots of chocolate cake. I'm eating it. (I have a flicker of the thought that I had yesterday -- that the food I eat in dreams has real calories that turn into fat on my body.) I can't get enough of the sweets, stuffing it into my mouth.

Then Phoebe and I are going to the movies together, just the two of us. We are getting something to eat at the special dessert counter. I order a cookie and a milkshake-type drink. The woman behind the counter makes my drink and then asks for my money. It's very expensive. I realize I never got my drink, so I tell her. Oops. She now has to make another one for me. It looks like a blended cookies 'n' cream concoction with ice cream and milk too. After she makes it, she pours it half-way to the top of a small cup. I tell her she can fill it up all the way. She does, and I see that the first half is not the same color as the rest. I only like what she added. I tell her to please make a new one. She takes it back and makes a new one. This time it's blended up so finely that there are absolutely no chunks. I don't like it. It's very thin. I'm mad now. I give it back. The woman working behind the counter (which is very high, up to my chin) is talking to us about the drink-blending machine -- a big red one -- saying that she has to work on it or something. She's young and blonde and stereotypically pretty. I'm getting very turned on just listening to her. I'm hot and wet. I want to fool around with her. I want to come.

- FIN -

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