dreams: March 27, 1999

Miles, Andrea, Mom, Ila, and Justin in a weird store

I'm in a big store. Miles and his friend are behind a stage, against a red curtain; they're both on a moving conveyor belt. I say hello. Miles introduces me to his friend, saying, "This is Maya -- she and I have been married for 12 years." We talk about Andrea Deese. Her face flashes up in my mind. She has blonde, short hair. I say her music is good. But Miles' friend says it isn't (and I kind of realize how it might be sort of true). I tell Miles that she and I have been together for awhile -- friends, I mean. We went to cuba together.

I'm walking around the store finding things that look interesting. There is a whole section devoted to weird plastic prankster toys. I pick the receiver of a phone to call Mom. Her answering machine picks up; her message is a funny song/joke one. I call again, and this time I get a different joking message (her voice). She has a number of rotating messages that I listen to. My stuff (clothing, jacket, etc.) is spread out all over the store. Ila comes up to say hello.

Then Justin is doing performance pieces. We're in water. Lots of other people are here with us. He's playing music.

- FIN -

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