dreams: March 28, 1999

let go of the anger by changing perspectives

I'm in the Swat bookstore. I feel very frustrated and angry. I want to knock everything down and tear it all apart. I feel like the people who work here have been very mean to me.

I call the bookstore to ask if they sell something. The woman says no and hangs up on me. Then later I'm buying something, standing at the checkout counter. I write a check for $306.15 and give it to the old guy with the gold chain and white hair working there.

Then I get a letter in my mailbox from the bookstore telling me that they found I didn't pay so I need to come in to take care of my debt. I get angry. I KNOW I paid. I go there to work it out. I'm standing at the counter (a big square ring in the middle of the room). I'm upset. I feel a hand on my upper back; it's very, very comforting and strong. I turn around. A young/middle-aged man is standing next to me. He has dark hair. He works here. He lifts me up and puts me on the other side of the counter, inside the square. I'm not wearing any pants (only a shirt and underwear). I was wearing overalls before. There are a couple of kids here who need change. The man is instructing me on how to give them change, as if I'm getting trained to work here. Then he pulls a lever, and a huge stream of round colorful candies, balloons and gumballs come pouring out of the ceiling onto the kids. They get buried in the treats, sitting there on the floor with their heads sticking out. I ask where the store camera is, wanting to take a photo. Now I suddenly don't trust the man anymore. It seems like he's doing some tricky scam.

Greg jumps over a horse

I'm outside with a bunch of people. We're all watching Greg Ingber who's dressed in all red, as he keeps running back and forth trying to jump over a horse. He does it over and over, yet he keeps failing. He falls on his side into the muddy ground. He finally takes a long sprint to get lots of momentum, and he leaps over the horse (falling on his side, but sucessful not the least).

Then I lead everyone from the alley into John's shop through a door on the side. Two big horses (dogs?) are with us. I open the door to find a dark, peaceful room. Phoebe and John are both asleep, stretched out on one of the center tables. We all tiptoe through quietly, not wanting to wake them up. There is a stack of mail on a table. One piece is a card from Momier for me. Then John and Phoebe wake up.

- FIN -

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