dreams: March 29, 1999

seeing the differences of the next generation

I go back to high school and sit in on a class. Someone is giving a speech. Then we take a little quiz. The kids are all doing "Jedi," which is the latest addictive substance -- some fabricated drug. I leave. Carrie is with me. We drive away in her new car; it's a fancy sports utility vehicle with leather seats and ornate arm/leg supports that are covered in black leather. We talk about how things have changed since we were in high school. The "Jedi" spooked me out. It seemed like everyone was doing it. Someone told me it was THE new thing to do and that even my dad had tried it!

We are driving down towards the plaza at the bottom of Lithia Park (right below the cafe). Sean Evans is standing on the sidewalk on our left. We stop so I can talk to him. His straight blonde hair is in two braids. I tell him I miss the good ole days when innocent people like us were in high school. I name some individuals I'm thinking of: Melina, Holly, Kestrel, etc. I say goodbye to Sean and we continue on our ways.

- FIN -

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