dreams: March 30, 1999

lost in a game of travel and gender

Phoebe works at a Mexican-food restaurant. I go order a burrito in a corn tortilla (a hardened round shell). She puts in a scoop of rice mixed with guacamole, then beef and beans; I ask for cheese, but she only adds a few sprinkles. Nate Shaffran and Meredith Hegg walk in together.

Then I'm on a trip with her and a friend (Farrah Koneroski). We're travelling across Europe. We have to stop at a certain point because we need to go around a country -- going through it would be impossible since it would take way too long (Egypt?). We had been driving an old 1940s car. I saw an image of it driving across Vivi's backyard. My vision was sepiatoned, as if it had been an old memory.

Now we're in a huge technological bus that has poles inside and large windows. We are going towards Ashland, up Oak Street. I'm looking up at the trees and mountains, thinking about how much I love my hometown and how grateful I have to live in this valley. We stop somewhere (now not Ashland anymore) and accidentally get separated from Farrah (whose name starts with an R. now). Then I see Tim Bragg. I say his full name out loud, surprised to see him here in the middle of Europe, on the other side of the world.

Phoebe is very angry with me. It has something to do with my underwear. I'm wearing my white satiny ones. I tell her that the tag/bow in the front/center is big and irritating. She's very pissed. She asks me to show her. There is a big crowd of people on the bus and outside waiting for something. I pull down my pants to show her my underwear, getting a little rush out of shocking everyone with my unexpected peepshow.

I look up to see Tim say "We're pinking." I don't know what he means. Then I see nothing through the windows -- only whiteness. I feel clausterphobic. Oh, I get it! Tim said that we're sinking. I don't like this at all. I look up at a screen on the wall. I want to change this game. The screen is a web page. It shows a cartoon with two tracks: women's and men's. It has psychadelic '70s drawings. There are figures representing the tracks. The man has a big floppy penis hanging down on the road. I try to change our track.

- FIN -

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