dreams: Friday, February 9, 2001

selling everything in a foreign country

I'm helping carry many boxes out of a house to be sold at a fundraiser. It is now early morning. Brian Stokes is in charge of the function. There are many books. They belong to me, Mom and Phoebe. I see a box that has a beautiful square scarf in it. It has Egyptian symbols on it and gold threads. I want to keep that one. It belongs to Mom, and she refuses. No, she says, since she want to sell it.

We are in a foreign country. The ground is dirt, the air warm. Mom is lying on a couch, watching TV. I avoid her. I look down and see that I'm wearing a thin-fabric dress/shawl, and I can see through it. My body is visible. I'm only wearing underwear underneath. I'm self-conscious.

Then Phoebe and I are sitting together in another corner of the room. We have a box of many sets of Dolphin Cards (round, with messages like angel cards). We pick one set out, opening the box and shuffling the cards. We want to choose from them. Each one has more than words on them. They also have edible treats. I reach in the stack and find a card that has ice cream with chocolate chips; I wrap my mouth around it, enjoying the sweetness.

an important room gets realigned

Jonathan Goldman traveled all the way out here to help clear the energy of one particular room in a certain house. He says that it's really important to keep that energy clear and full of light. It belongs to Geoff and Meagan. I live here too, but they're in charge of that room. It is small, with many shelves. It reminds me of a DJ's desk at a radio station.

We leave the room, going into a bigger part of the house. Now just Jonathan and I are here. We are sitting at opposite ends of a dining room table (looks like the dining room in Mom's house on Beach St.). I'm in angst because I don't understand my role in the whole thing that is happening. I ask Jon. He tells me to hold my own space (or something like that). I feel resistance. He can tell. I feel a big block. I'm staring at a point on the table, and my hands are on my face (covering my mouth? propping up my jaw?). I know that that other little room is very important. Geoff and Meagan were getting sidetracked, forgetting about the light.

Now there are many people sitting around the table. It's full. A man and woman get here (they're a couple), walking into the room. They used to be in the Daime current but are no longer on that path. There is a warm exchange with them.

We are now all holding hands for a prayer before we eat. Phoebe is sitting across from me. She gives the prayer. One of the things that she mentions is how she used to think of Ashand as "a little village" that she needed to escape, while now she sees its importance.

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