dreams: Wednesday, May 16, 2001

trust, money, a brother

I'm surrendering to the flow of energy around me and through me. There is a group of people encircling me; they're standing, holding me in their arms. I'm lying down horizontally, trusting their support. They are now moving their arms all around, tossing me up and down, like I'm a baby. It feels good, with waves of warmth and laughter.

Then I'm by myself. I am looking through some of my stuff. I have a wad of cash. It is a lot of money, with everything from $1 bills to $100s. I tuck it down into some clothing in a bag on the floor. It feels nice to have financial security.

Then I'm talking to a man who is a little older than myself. His hair is short on top and long in the back (like the '80s fashion). He is a felon of some sort, on his way to jail. He is my brother. I feel a connection to him. He's trying to talk me into doing something sexual with him. I am partially intrigued by the seduction, since I can feel that level of energy between us, yet I know that it doesn't feel right on another level. I decline, saying NO quite firmly. I can feel the part of myself that is disappointed and sad that I can't be physical with him.

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