dreams: October 20, 1999

the light(er) of Christ

My skirt looks funny, like something's not quite right about it. I'm getting ready for an event. I'm looking down at what I'm wearing below the waist. Small clear plastic tubes are connected to my big silver platform shoes, running up my legs; it looks like they're connected to something else.

I go into a special house that looks exactly like John's house except for the stuff inside. It has lots of antiques and unique memorabilia on shelves and in cases. Most of the things are very small. It is going to be sold or given away (because the owner died?), so this is my chance to take anything I want. I'm looking at some shelves against the wall (between the bathroom hall door and the kitchen). I see a fancy lighter. It is a distinct light-blue color with a silver top. It pops open when I press a special button. There's a shiny picture of Jesus Christ (and Mary?) on the front, so it feels like a sacred object to me.

I realize that my skirt is inside-out. It is light-blue (same color as the lighter). I now see that the seams and tag show on the outside. I take it off and turn it right-side-in, putting it back on.

I'm at my function, sitting in a circle of people who are all facing the center. It's night, and we're outside in the dark. But we have a light source somewhere nearby (looks like fire -- a bonfire?). We are smoking Santa Maria, passing it around the circle. I am the one who brought it, and I'm happy to share it. There is a wide age diversity here. I see a parent pass it to his/her young child; I have a flicker of questioning, wondering if it's ethically okay. This group feels like a strong spiritual base.

- FIN -

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