Phoebe's Dream: August 16

I am working in a diner, as a waitress, and it is my first day on the job. I am supposed to get drinks for the customers. I do this by pressing a cup up against a button-like gizmo attatched to the wall, and then the drink will pour into the cup. There is a button for every type of drink, and the buttons are on different parts of the wall, all around the room. They are in awkward places, like behind a crowded table, up high, and next to the busy door. Someone asks me for a soda, a coke I think. I can't find the right button for the drink, and I hope that the customer will understand because it is my first day. I try every button I could I find. I do find chocolate milk, which spouts out of the wall in a large waterfall into my cup.
I am inside of a black ball just barely big enough for me to fit in. I am crouched into a squished, cross-legged position. It is a spaceship and I am heading to a different planet, the same distance from Earth as the Moon. It is extremely clausterphobic. I have to adjust the pressure in the little spaceship by turning a round, red dial. Just before I hit the atmosphere of the new planet, I turn the dial to the left to compenstate for the pressure change. I turn it too far, and my spaceship almost falls apart. I get really scared, and quickly turn the dial back to the right. I tell myself that I know how to do this. I fly through the atmosphere and towards the planet, which was actually a large spacecraft. I dock on the spacecraft/planet, and I eagerly crawled out of my tiny spaceship. I am standing in a small room with lots of pipes on the ceiling and coming down the walls. A few people come into the room and urge me to come with them into a large elevator on the far end of the room. They look human, but they are much bigger (they have to crouch down so their heads don't hit the ceiling), and they have long wild hair and beards. They take me to a large auditorium with no seats, just a huge stage, empty except for a group of about 30 people sitting towards the front left corner. I sit down with them and I think that this is Disneyworld. I realize that it is only a cheap imitation, because if it was the real Disneyworld the whole stage would be filled, and not just the small section. I realize that all of the people are actually aliens pretending to be humans. I hide from them in the elevator shaft, behind some pipes, while they search for me. Suddenly I am back in the small room with the pipes, except I had been back to Earth to get some of my friends. The human-like, wild haired creatures come into the room and again urged us to go into the elevator with them. They are so nice and convincing that we went along. In the elevator I realize that I had fallen into their trap again! We go to the same auditorium, and there are the same people there. I told my friends that they were aliens in disguise, and immediately we have a big battle. I know a battle is going on, but I am watching the whole thing from the ceiling. My friends and I win the fight.
Suddenly I am back in my black, round spaceship, with about 10 or 12 other people. We dock on the planet/spacecraft, and we all get out. We are in the same small room with the pipes, except instead of an elevator there is a plastice, red chute, like a tunnel slide. There is no threat of the aliens because of the battle that we had won on my previous trip. Several people go down the slide. When they come back up I ask them what they saw. They say it is a Grand Ball. I ask them who they had seen, and they say Marq Wraight and Aaron Schweiger, although there are many other people there.
I want to go dancing, so my friend holds my feet while I go headfirst down the chute, which is now filled with water. Partway down, it turns a corner, and there is a rectangular, plastic window. I look through the window, expecting to see the Ball. I see a large room with walls made out of red tarps. A young Drew Barrymore, with pigtails and a teddy bear, is standing nearby. ET is with her, and when I peer in he waddles up to the window to see me. I swim back up the slide, and I emerge from the water.


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