dreams: January 6, 1999

chairs for Sue's wedding

I'm at home. I call the operator to get Sue's phone number. The operator sounds like a young Asian guy. He acts as if he knows me. "How was Portland?" he asks me. I remember calling information to get Sue's Portland phone number recently; a vision of a dance studio/apartment in the middle of the city comes to mind.

We are all going to Sue's wedding. John and I are in a big computer store to find the gift that John has in mind. I want to give Sue a unique special present. I consider painting a chair; I see one in front of me with a big round back, all wooden. I hear her discussing that she and George need 260-something chairs for the wedding; she talks about maybe asking the guests to bring their own chairs. I see a HUGE big-screen TV in the store.

Alex chides my nudity

I'm outside in a distinct wilderness area. There are lots of big rocks and crevices -- all different levels. Alex H. is here, as well as others. We're climbing around. I'm put off by Alex; we don't really talk. Lots of foam is bubbling out of all the spaces between the rocks. It looks like sea foam, and it' moving all around us. It makes me excited. I want to immerse my body in it. I strip off all my clothes and leap into it.

Now I'm climbing trees at the top of a giant forest. I look and see a number of other people in trees too. I'm climbing from branch to branch and from tree to tree. Alex makes some comment about me putting my clothes back on. I see that some others are giving me weird looks as well; I'm just wearing my underwear (and a bra?).

trying to reach my brothers Miles & Django

I'm on a vine branch. I see Miles and Django sitting together on a ledge. I feel a wave of relief and comfort that they're here. I swing forward but don't make it to the ledge. My hands are slipping down the vine, and I feel like I'm going to drop off any second. The ground is really far below me. I want Miles to push me back so I'll regain momentum. He sort of gets the idea but only lightly touches my feet as I stretch them out on my forward swing. I yell for him to PUSH. Yet he just keeps doing the same thing. Somehow my arms are stronger than I predicted since I'm still hanging on, now at the very bottom of the branch. Finally I make it onto the ledge; Miles and Django help pull me on. The three of us sit and talk for a while. They feel like my brothers.

Then I'm going up to a top apartment with Miles, Django, and others for a house-warming party at Noli's family's home. Miles is describing some memory about Surya's dad (balding head, dark beard), and it makes me feel a little scared thinking back to it.

When we get upstairs, there is another family in the walkway entrance. The little boy says they live in "separate" living quarters. I see an open door to a room on my right. A man and a boy are in there putting stuff up on the wall. The wall is covered in enormous colorful pieces of fruit: mango and papaya. They're drying them to eat. The rows of fruit cover the whole wall. Each piece is huge, like a thick slab of meat. They are pretty yellow and orange colors.

- FIN -

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