dreams: January 8, 1999

a football player surrenders to the force

I'm on the sidelines of a football field. It's dark outside. The wind is blowing in such a way that some people are getting lifted up into the air. I'm trying to get lifted up, but it isn't working. I watch a football player. He puts his hands on the ground and kicks his legs up (like a handstand); he then just surrenders to the force and floats up into the air. He does it several times.

fear of theft and jail

It's time to go to bed. I go over to the ditch where I left my stuff. It's next to a parking lot. I see that a number of cars have open doors, immediately indicative that they've been broken into. I fear that someone has stolen my stuff. I run over with a few other people who have left their things in the same place as me. I open my little black wallet/purse. One pocket is open. I think for sure my money will be gone, but it's still there; I see my $5 and $20 bills.

Then I'm in a little camper. A young man is talking. He says he feels ready for jail anyway, pointing to his clothes: a tight black & white striped shirt and tight black & white briefs/shorts, like a dancer's outfit. He reminds me of Wade. I look down and see that I'm wearing all black: tight leggings and a tight long-underwear shirt, with charcoal-grey fuzzy socks. My body is slim and tight and in-shape. I need to go find my sleeping quarters. I finally find it (#25 on the front), and it's a small grubby trailer room with four high school girls.

sweetness surrounds me

I'm sitting at a restaurant table (Geppetto's?) with a friend. We're ordering dessert. I look and see a NY cheesecake slice on a nearby table. It looks good, but I get a different one instead, costing $1.75. We are drinking coffee. I pour cream into my cup of coffee. There's a little piece of some dessert at the bottom of the cream pourer.

- FIN -

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