dreams: May 7, 1999

advancements in menstrual products

Reaching into my purse, I find a bunch of little tampons. I realize I don't need them anymore, since I now have a Keeper. I'm walking with a friend, so I offer them to her. Then I'm in a bathroom, and I find a display for a new invention. It's for menstrual cycles, and it's a little device (looks like the thing doctors stick in your ear to look inside) that has a sharp needle point on it. I accidentally poke myself.

Then I'm sitting on the ground, talking to an attractive male Swattie. We're comparing IDs (which are paper, not covered in plastic), and I say I've never taken advantage of mine (by buying alcohol or something?). It's his birthday.

Then I'm outside with a big group of people (Swatties), and suddenly a huge parade starts going by us. Lots of colorful big floats are in it. I see Cathy Muller in one. At first I think it's for the guy's birthday, but then I see it might also be to celebrate the new invention for menstruation. I'm standing up, and lots of people are pressed up against my back. I look down on the ground and see Sarah Yahm lying on the grass. She reaches down and pulls on one of her bra straps, and suddenly her whole bra comes off, crumbling into little pink fabric scraps. Her breasts are totally exposed.

the latest web page technology

I'm looking at Justin's new page, which is causing lots of public reaction. It now has lots of graphic animation and video in it. It's a stimulating complex layout. He has a new girlfriend. She's German and very famous for some reason. I'm watching a video of her. She has long brown wavy hair and is very slender. She is naked in the video. I'm in the web page, which has 3-D graphics moving all around me. I'm flying through a city, looking up at my huge reflection on the shiny skyscrapers. Apparently, everyone has these sorts of exciting programs on their web pages these days.

- FIN -

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