dreams: June 9, 1999

my possessiveness over Troy

I'm talking to Troy Henri. Looking around the room, I see pictures, photos and art pieces on every wall depicting him and me -- us together in various ways. They show our faces, our bodies, etc. They are numbered because they're in a particular sequence.

I am then standing at the front door, outside. A tall woman walks up, approaching to go into the house. A huge wave of possessiveness overtakes me. I push her away, saying, "No, you can't have any of him! He's all mine!" It's in reference to Troy.

I go back inside (now John's living room). It seems like there is tension from Troy since I did that to the girl. I really want to lie down with him on the couch -- for us to be together, body-to-body. But for some reason he's not doing it.

Tucker "Tiburon" Teusch

My date shows up, but he's early. It's in the morning. My date is Tucker Teusch (but something about his trust level, not looks, reminds me of the man from Washington, D.C. with curly brown hair who goes to Harvard). I don't trust that he's telling me the truth. Yet I still feel totally comfortable around him, and I'm very attracted to him (the Tucker part of him). He has some reason for being early, but I can tell it's a lie. He really is homeless and has nowhere else to go.

We leave to go on our date, trying to decide what to do. We end up at a wedding in order to eat the food. We are at a table with tons of different gourmet yummy dishes (appetizer-like). I'm loading up my plate. I put on a bunch of thin slices of baguette bread. Tucker's name is actually Tiburon.

- FIN -

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