dreams: November 16, 1999

clouds and cake

I'm creating a big piece of art. The canvas is as big as a wall. I want to enter it in some art competition that I know about. I'm making clouds by draping a string over pushpins to outline them. The clouds are important.

I work in an office. I'm going to leave for the day, but the other people who work here (my bosses) tell me to stay for the birthday celebration of a coworker. We sing and eat cake.

in an underground tunnel system

Then I'm underground, crawling through a tunnel maze with some other people. We're trying to find a way out. Cats and dogs are in here with us as well. It's well-lit, despite the lack of openings. The space is small, and it seems like part of it is made out of wood.

Finally we find a way out. Now we're standing around talking. I see a young man wearing a white robe; he's a famous model. I point him out to a friend. Then I'm looking through postcards, because I want to take some to send to Mom and others. I pick out four. Two of them show opera houses (and the other two are of Swat?). I'm sitting in a chair, reclining way back. Two male friends approach me, standing right next to my chair on my right and my left. They each put a hand over my face, palm down. Their hands are so big that they cover my heart too. It feels very comforting and healing.

- FIN -

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