dreams: March 23, 1999

an Italian dinner with the women of my family

I'm sitting at a table with Mom, Granny, three of my aunts (Lisa, Lori, Lana), and Phoebe. It's a special Italian dinner following authentic tradition. We all stand up to do a ceremony in the beginning. There are plates of prosciutto and other meats, as well as cheeses. Some dishes on the table are identified as masculine and some as feminine. The rosy red meat (prosciutto?) is male, and I ask for someone to pass it to me; they demand that I call it by its name. I don't know at first, then I remember that the masculine is called "Charcoal." Other people are here with us, and they are all Italian men.

Our dinner is at a big house that is next to a river. I go sit next to the river, watching the water from the bank. It is a beautiful, shimmering, greenish-blue color. A tarantula spider-creature scuttles across the surface of the river; it is fuzzy and orangish-brown, very large. I see one of the Italian men across the river on the other bank (he reminds me of someone from the Washington, D.C. church group).

lying under the stars thinking about angels

I'm going to Mark Wallace's class. I'm the first one to get there. The classroom is outside; it has a bunch of big easychairs arranged in a circle, along with a huge king-sized bed. There are tropical plants all around us and a starry sky above (nighttime). I go lie down on the bed with another student. The reading assignment for today was very light. I'm quickly doing it last minute right now before class. There are two topics, one of which is angels. I'm totally interested in angels, but I see that we don't actually have any reading covering the subject.

- FIN -

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