dreams: December 3, 1999

a 2nd look is required in order for me to find all my stuff

We were about to leave when we decided to go back for something for just a moment. We had been staying in a hotel room, and I've already packed up my stuff. But I realize when we go back to the room that I had actually left some stuff behind because I hadn't checked all parts of the room sufficiently. I open a closet and see several pairs of my underwear. I gather them up and put them in my bag. I also see other clothing. The more I look around in the room, the more I find. It makes me glad that we came back. How could I have missed this much of my stuff the first time? My belongings are spread out in the bathroom too. Lots of underwear. For a second I question whether I really even still want them or not, but then I decide to take them.

Driving up behind a car that has tons of weird lights and faces on it.
Drinking tap water -- questioned purity and safety.
A big room full of men at tables doing a loud, crazy activity; the same thing is going on in another room, but it's all women (totally divided by gender, but I'm allowed to go into the male room).

- FIN -

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