dreams: October 9, 1999


beach st. view I'm on Beach Street, right below Mom's house. There's a house below that is all unpainted wood, like a cabin; it has a big deck. I'm talking to the owner. He's a middle-aged man. We're discussing the famous people who have been in his house recently. I tell him I saw ______ there [can't remember].

smoking in class

I'm in class, sitting in chair-desk. The prof is passing out rolled joints. Each student is allowed to have one for the next class exercise. I look closely at the handful of pitos that get passed to me. The leaves inside look like smooth light-green pods (buds?). The paper is actually clear plastic. We're lighting up. I tuck mine away for later when I see that I can now share the one that the classmate sitting on my right is preparing. He wraps the paper-rolled joint in an outer plastic wrap.

he's chasing Rex ;)

I'm playing a game with a group of other people, good friends. We're spread out in different rooms. Phoebe is here, very present. I'm heading down a hallway. Some guy sees me and starts chasing me. There are several gates in the narrow hallway that look like jail cell doors. I stop at one momentarily, wondering if I could hide behind the bars. But he'd catch up to me, and I wouldn't be protected. I'm not scared. I have the adrenaline rush of being a player in a fun action game. I sprint. He's still chasing. He calls out something about a dog named Rex (Carlos?). I realize he said it to defer another player, to deceive him/her into thinking he isn't really chasing me. It seems hilarious to me. I'm laughing really, really hard. It's so funny! [I wake up laughing.]

- FIN -

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