dreams: October 7, 1999

"Whoever Seeks This House"

I'm snuggled in a bed with Miles (who is partly Troy too). I'm reading a book (or newspaper?), when I find a sacred hymn from the Daime. Somehow the number 18 is associated with it. Pictures of light pink roses are next to the words, and I can smell and feel the flowers all around me. I'm listening to the hymn, hearing the words and singing along myself. It is very deep and familiar, hitting me in the core of my heart. I'm crying, tears running down my face. But I'm also laughing, full of ecstatic joy. The Virgin Mary is with me, as if the words of the hymn are a gift from her.

[I had this dream during a long afternoon nap. When I woke up I could hear the tune of the hymn very clearly. Specific words kept running through my head: "Encontra com a Virgem Maria / Sua saude Ela da" (translated from Portuguese to English to mean "...Encounters the Virgin Mary / She gives you your health"). I guessed that the hymn was from Mestre Irineu's hinario, and indeed, when I looked through his book I found it: #122 - "Quem Procurar Esta Casa" ("Whoever Seeks This House"). I then listened to a recorded version of the hymn, and by singing along I discovered the relevant meaning it had to my life at this time.]

- FIN -

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