dreams: July 8, 1999

tempting food and a naked race

I'm walking around a small American city as a tourist. The food here is supposed to be really good. I'm in a little shop that has desserts. They're all appealing to me, spread out in a display like an arts & crafts show. I see a cheesecake that has green marijuana leaves spread out on top like decorative icing. Laurie Hoye is here.

Then I'm in a restuarant. Mom is with me, and we're sitting at a big table with some other people. The menu has pictures of the options. There are lots of mushroom dishes, such as shishkabobs. I look up and see a bunch of people running down the street (like a marathon), and they're all naked. I immediately jump up and pull off all my clothes to join them. Then I'm running down the downtown streets by myself, still naked. I'm now having trouble finding my way back to the restaurant. It looks like Ashland. I took the wrong street.

- FIN -

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