dreams: February 1, 1999

passion for shellfish

I'm in Dolly Parton's house. She and I are standing in her kitchen talking about her past. I'm looking through a photo album.

Then I'm in a class. Our assignment is to produce a video and then make presentations to the class. I'm signing up for the three days that I'm going to do my showings. The professor telss me the topic I'll be covering, but I realize that I really just want to do my own idea: shellfish. It is really important to me. I think about clams and oysters. I'm watching footage on a TV that I had filmed earlier for my project; it's on a boat, looking over the side at the ocean water lapping up against the side. There are lots of barnacles. Yes, I definitely want to do my video on shellfish, and I won't settle for anything else.

I go into a computer lab. A professor/boss is helping another female student edit her video. They have it visually mapped out on a piece of paper; it looks really cool, like some new program or something. I sit down. Madhu is sitting next to me. I'm happy to see him. I touch his hand.

- FIN -

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