dreams: Monday, January 22, 2001

a douche, my two sisters, and cookies

I'm in a group situation, and some workshop is about to start. The women here are asking me if I'm interested in a product. Everyone's talking about it. I'm mad because I don't know anything about it, while everyone else does. It turns out to be a douche. They say it only costs $1 a day. They rave about it. I have doubts. I don't want it.

Then a circle of people are sitting in chairs. It's actually two lines of chairs facing each other. I see Phoebe and my other sister. I stand up and walk over to them. All three of us are wearing red shirts, which I point out to them. We hold hands in a three-way circle; we are standing in between the two lines of chairs as everyone is getting ready to start the ceremony. It's a beautiful moment of unspoken support, love and bonding. Mom is here too, standing back away from us. She takes a picture of her three daughters together. I go sit back down.

Ruth Ann is on my right. She comments that my hair looks different now, good. It's pulled back and up into a ponytail. She says it looks longer.

As the function is starting, I feel cynical about the whole thing. There is a crowd standing up and some also sitting. I see Jordan Gans-Morse here. I also see a girl holding a box/tray of homemade cookies. I walk over to her to get one. They look good. She points out the different kinds. She's young. I want a peanut butter cookie, but I accidentally take the "sour cream" type. It has lemon ball candies in it. I am embarrassed to have two cookies, so I go to the bathroom to get a paper towel to wrap up one of them. I decide to go pee. I go into a stall, still eating my cookie. I see that there's a line, but no one chose this empty stall. There is stuff in the toilet bowl -- paper and a menstrual pad/wrapper clog it up. I use the toilet anyway. I can see J.T. through the cracks in the stall door. I feel slightly ashamed that I'm willing to use this particular stall, especially since I'm still eating.

Phoebe is art

Then I'm on Third Street (in Ashland). Phoebe and I have made sculpture pieces. They're hanging from two trees. One is a hanging broom on a rope with fabric. Then Phoebe is attached too, with a black plastic bag wrapped/tied around her waist and between her legs, supporting her from her crotch. She's hanging and moving, her legs dangling. She's wearing a unique costume, with white lace bloomers. She's part of the art piece.

two gatherings

I'm in Veronica's front yard at Dewey Street. I see the house across the street has a bunch of young kids who are making a big scene -- a party. I can hear them yelling obscene things (like "mother fuckers!"), and I can see them, through one window, holding glow-in-the-dark objects. They seem to have negative energy.

Then I'm sitting at a small table with three other people. We're doing a sacred ceremony, passing around a little pipe. I hope it is Santa Maria, but it's actually an incense-like herb.

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