dreams: April 16, 1999

computer hacking (and jacking)

I walk into a huge library that has desks and desks of computers. Lots of people are here using them. An invisible narrator directs me to look across the room at a particular woman who looks beautiful and mysterious. She's playing with herself -- I can see beneath the table that she has her legs spread (wearing a skirt with no underwear), with her hand on her clit.

I'm at a computer trying to hack a certain code. Then I'm way up on a high ledge overlooking the whole place. Someone is climbing in through a window, and s/he urges me to divulge Samantha Gottlieb's password. I look down and see her walking below. I call out to her, asking what her code is, but she doesn't hear me. Suddenly I remember what it is, so I tell the person at the window. There are two passwords.

- FIN -

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