dreams: April 15, 1999

experiencing new situations

I'm acting a small part in a movie, and we're now in the process of filming a scene outside. It's all in Spanish (or Portuguese?). A woman walks up to me and hands me a walnut (or a peach?). "Grazie," I say. Right after it comes out of my mouth I realize that I accidentally spoke Italian. They have to stop the scene because of it.

Then I'm with two young women friends. We're in Mapia. I'm excited to be here. The three of us grab each others' hands and stand in a circle, grateful and happy to be here. "We're really in Brazil!" we say.

Now I'm back in the United States. I see a big art piece that has a story written on it. It's disturbing, about a man who recounts sexual abuse as a boy; yet he tells it with no shame or pain, as if it's just a normal childhood experience. He tells of his nanny "giving him pleasure," as she wasn't able to resist him since he had such an unusually large penis. I see an erect phallus sticking out of the storyboard; it's made of clear glass and has electric wires inside.

- FIN -

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