dreams: November 22, 1999

this stanza is ending

It's the end of the semester. My Swattie friends are getting stuff they need for next semester. I, on the other hand, am trying to get rid of stuff I don't need anymore, since I'm going home now. I'm trying to give my belongings away to them, as it would benefit all of us.

Then I'm in a home that seems quite American -- 1950s suburban style -- pastel colors, low ceilings, spread out. I'm sitting in the living room with a group of other people. There are mother and daughter duos here. Some are dancing in the middle of the room. Mom is sitting across the room on another couch. There is a discussion about the music playing. It's classical, and the piece is coming to a close. Mom says there are four parts to this one, and that was the end of the first _____. She blanks out and can't remember the name of it, so she asks me what it's called. "A stanza?" I venture.

Someone is talking about how when they look out one particular window, they can see the beautiful landscaping outside. I look out and see a green mowed lawn and bright flowers against the backdrop of another side of the house. It's comforting.

Then I'm in a little store. I want to buy a few things that the boys here need but can't afford. I'm in Brazil (or am about to go?). I look at a small tube of glue/shampoo. It costs $4.07.

- FIN -

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