dreams: November 21, 1999

school stress

I'm on Parrish Beach at Swarthmore College. There are a number of students who are playing around with balloons, holding onto them in order to float up into the air. I feel left out, since I'm not doing it. The activity requires a partner and balloons.

I go into a dean's office to schedule an appointment. I'm stressed out and need help. My academics are really in trouble. The secretary tells me that the next open slot for women is next week. I tell her I need it sooner. I notice that the next available time for men is quite soon, but I'm not eligible since I'm female.

graphic alterations

There is a big tent structure in the middle of the room. It has radioactive symbols on it. It's used for some technological process. There is also a rectangular shelf that has many receptacles within it, each holding a different phone-like connection. A man is creating a graphic design using a computer program, and it's being broadcasted up onto the wall. It shows a tie-dyed t-shirt that has a logo on the breast; the logo shows a man's face, and he's wearing dark sunglasses. Apparently the designer is "borrowing" someone's design (stealing, really) to make this shirt thing, but he's altered it by putting in a picture of himself in place of the other man's face. Other people are standing around talking about it, questioning whether or not it's acceptable.

- FIN -

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