dreams: November 19, 1999

sharing drugs

I'm outside, sitting on the ground with a group of other people. It's night. A young woman (my age) is talking to two people. I'm struck by how fluid her social skills are, as she seems very comfortable with herself. The two others leave, and she mentions to me how awkward she felt, since she didn't know them; it's surprising for me to hear her say this.

I have my pink lighter. I'm lighting joints for people. I have a kettle of herbs: light yellow chips (that look like cornflakes). I know it's a drug. A young man is sitting next to me, and he's mashing them up, mixing them with another darker substance. He has long dark hair and is wearing a beige/yellow sweater. He reminds me of Geoff Hanzlik's brother. I tell him that the pot of substance is mine (since I'm a little irked that he's preparing it without asking me). He says he knows. I see that he's mixing it correctly, so I let him do it. Little light-colored flakes are on the ground around him.

- FIN -

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