dreams: Wednesday, January 10, 2001

wanting Mom's jewels for myself

I'm in Mom's house (although it looks much different). She is cleaning out everything, getting rid of it all. She has piles of amazing things: stuff she inherited from relatives, got from friends, and acquired over the years for herself. But now it all has to go. She is selling most of it. She has picked and chosen the few possessions she wants to keep.

I am walking through the place, seeing that there are things I wish I could have. This stuff is too good to let go of! This place is rather dark, but there is a lamp shining light onto a nearby dresser/table. There is lot of jewelry on that surface, as well as piles of precious stones and crystals. I see a pretty bead bracelet that I want. It fits onto my wrist. Then I see some polished amethysts that are strung together as a necklace. Each one is smooth and purple, with spaces in between them. I wish I could have these amethysts, and I wonder how I could get it from Mom.

dining with prominent women

I'm in a fancy restaurant, sitting at a table with several prominent women. We are in a large city. These women are rich, religious leaders. Susan Thesenga is on my left. She is telling me that Joan, sitting across from us, is the minister of a big church here -- the head leader.

We are now done eating. We are looking at the tab to split it up. I throw in a $5 bill for the tip, looking through my money to get the rest. I notice that Susan ordered a bottle of wine that costs $100.

John and I train to be expert musicians

I'm with John. He and I are learning to play the same musical instrument (guitar? recorder?). We are trying to improve and perfect our skills to become experts. It is for the church, to add to the group musically. We are standing in the parking lot of Cantwell's supermarket in Ashland. We are looking for our teacher. He is a special shaman (with characteristics of Michael, the man who sometimes works at Sevenoaks).


Keith Covington is sitting directly across from me, in a small room. He's on a couch. Another person is also in the room. I'm explaining to them that there was a switch-around in the setup of leaders in an upcoming workshop (for TP?); a certain person (whom I name) had to leave, so someone else is now leading it, which means that Keith is leading our workshop. As I tell them, I realize that Keith already know all this.

We go outside. We are on a square piece of land that is surrounded by other plots used for farming and harvesting. They are all a bunch of flat fields. This property is rather small, and it has one small house over on the other side. I own in (with John?).

Keith is explaining that fruit trees should be planted here. He advises me to plant seeds now. I'm surprised. "You mean by planting seeds now, we'll have trees producing fruit by the end of the season?" I ask in disbelief. He says yes.

I'm holding a bright orange square thing in my hands; it is about the size of a piece of toast, yet with the thickness and consistency of a bright squash. Keith is holding part of it with me. We are pulling it into different shapes to make various changes in the color and shapes of the pulp. He says that I can look at this object for guidance on what to plant here. He points out a circle in the pulp, as well as other surrounding images.

Suddenly I see it perfectly: a church! Looking at the orange flesh of the thing in my hands, I see that the top has a point going upwards (like a roof) over a square shape that has a holy door. I'm totally excited. I look around and see that this little piece of land would be perfect for a church, especially since C.H.L.Q. needs one.

But Keith shakes his head and says no. We need fruit, he says. He owns his own piece of land where he grows several gourmet, exotic types of fruit: figs, dates, etc. I ask we I can do the same thing. He says no, explaining that it's a competitive market with only a few buyers.

Oranges seem to be the winner. I decide that this land will be covered with orange trees. There is already one orange tree next to the house. I little kid is climbing in it, up high in the branches.

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