dreams: Monday, January 8, 2001

antique oysters

I'm in an area of a town that has some shops along a street. The one on the end has authentic Italian food and kitchen items. It's important for me to go there. I walk in. The person behind the counter is talking to another customer about some special large jars of oysters on the counter. I see that each one has a date on it that tells when it was jarred. All of them have the saem day of the year, October 12 [I think?], but the years are all different. One is from the 1400s. Another is from a slightly later century. Apparently the oysters must be jarred on that day of the year.

I walk around. I want to buy ingredients for an authentic Italian meal I'm going to try to make, but I don't know what to get. I feel uninspired. I'm going to be with Mom later. I finally decide on noodles and some type of seafood. I see a shelf of colorful pasta, as well as a cooler full of packaged fish.

wandering through Mom's house

I'm in a house that reminds me of Granddaddy's style of home. It is large and clean, with light-colored wall-to-wall carpeting. This house belongs to Mom. But she's not here right now. She's off with Patti (Granddaddy's wife). The two of them are alone together for New Year's eve; they are good friends. I'm by myself in Mom's home.

I see a big brown package on the floor. I see some of my relatives' names written on the paper, and I figure it must be a Christmas delivery from them. So I tear open the paper. Inside I find wrapped Christmas presents. But then I realize that they are all to those relatives, from Mom. She had written their names on the cover because she still needed to mail it to them. I can see that the presents are specially arranged in the package, and I'm looking at it upside-down, from the bottom. They are for Kurt, Michelle, Momier, etc. She has a note for all of them too. I'm worried because I don't think I'll be able to put it all back together, since the paper is all ripped up.

I pull out three cassette tapes. I see that they look old. The tape inside is getting all tangled. It's wrinkled and not smoothly lines up on the coils. I try to rewrap it with my fingers, winding the heads to rotate them. It seems to make it worse.

I see a nearby stereo system. I open a lower door of the cabinet where the stereo is sitting. I see one single video lying there in the empty cabinet. There is a picture of a blonde woman on the front of the video. I realize it's a porn film. I feel like I'm now invading Mom's privacy. I close it back up.

Chris and I kiss

I'm in a room full of people, and we're all lying on the floor, doing particular exercises. We all hope to attain/accomplish the same thing. Someone gives an instruction about making contact with someone else in the room with whom we've had previous intimate relations. Chris (Lisa's fiancee from Washington, D.C.) is nearby. He rolls over and is on top of me. We are face-to-face. I have a quick memory that we've been together before. We kiss again very briefly.

beyond my years

I'm going into a room that has rows of chairs all facing the same direction. It's for a sacred ceremony (a D. work?). We are first assessed at the door in order for the leaders to see where we belong in this ritual. The people look at/through me and say that I'm "way beyond my years" and that I'm very pure or capable or aware or something (?). They tell me I can sit wherever I want. I'm wearing all white.

It starts. Hiroko is here. She wants to go to the center of the stage/floor area in front of everyone. She asks for my help. I walk her out there, holding her hand/arm. Then I let go. She drops to the floor and seems like she needs help. Another guy gives her backup support.

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