dreams: January 11, 1999

battling evil

I'm throwing objects across the room. They swing a certain way, as if they're attached to strings hanging from the ceiling. I'm attempting to get a particular rhythm. I get desperate, using up all my objects. Some horribly powerful energy has control over me. I'm struggling against it. I feel like my legs are wrapped around an entity, and we're in a wrestling match. Yet it is elusive and keeps sliding away from me while pinning me down at the same time. I'm scared. It's slithering around and biting me.

Someone hands me a book. I look at the picture on the cover with descriptions and a title. It's about a penis and a snake. I don't understand how it could be a good book. The book's energy is just like the scary negative energy in the room.

[I wake up and feel locked into the nightmarish force. I simply breathe and let myself feel it for a little while, trying to stay relaxed. Then I get up and spray lavender oil around my bed. I get the feeling the energy is someone associated with the menstrual fluid I'm now discharging.]

getting "high" with Phoebe; the train

I'm with some brothers and sisters from the D.. I find a miniskirt that I want to wear, yet I have hesitation. It looks very short; it's white-silver. I try it on and look at myself in a mirror. It looks surprisingly good. My legs look firm and tan.

I'm with Phoebe. We talk about having to get "high" to be in the Force. We're both high. Ned, Jane, Rochelle, and others are here with us. I see neon-green/yellow light in my vision. Phoebe and I leave. We go sit in the truck, waiting for John. We read the newspaper. (It seems like we're in the front yard at Third St.) A train suddenly goes by, slowly chugging through the yard, diagonally crossing to the right side of the house (or maybe between our house and Vivi's house?). It's huge, black and red. It seems totally familiar, no surprise to see it. I can see a number of train conductors/engineers on the front, yelling cheers as they pass. Then John shows up.

- FIN -

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