dreams: February 4, 1999

Mom has been able to see me since I was born

I'm talking to Mom on the phone. I can see her in front of me, standing up. She asks me if I'm jogging regularly; she says she runs because her doctor told her to do it. She tells me that he said her problem/pain/negative stuff tends to collect on one side of her body. She motions to one upper thigh (her left?) as she says this to me. I get angry that she is relying on Western medicine. I tell her she needs to get Reiki. She asks me if this opinion is because of Noli's influence. "No, it's me!" I tell her. I'm the one who knows that Reiki is the answer.

Suddenly I can't remember if people are supposed to be able to see each other when they talk on the phone. I ask Mom if she can see me, if she can see my eyes. I feel guilty, as if she might have seen me do something. Now we are face-to-face. Her hair is her natural brown color in a simple cut: shoulder-length, straight, no bangs. Her eyes are red. She's weeping, with tears running down her cheeks (me too?). We are looking at each other. Our eye contact is intense. "Maya, I've been able to see you ever since the second you were born and you first looked into my eyes," she says. It is a gentle, powerful moment of bonding and truth.

- FIN -

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