dreams: Monday, July 23, 2001

prepping for the big leap

I'm in a small booth that is way up high in the sky. I'm getting ready to jump and fly (parachute?). There is a refrigerator in here, and I want to get something to eat before I take the big leap. I spread some peanut butter and honey onto a piece of bread.

a look at my past relations

I'm having a long conversation with Noli. We are talking about my friendship with Troy -- what stages it went through in the past. She tells me a story about a time in the past when she heard Troy from his room/apartment (because she lived near him), and he was moaning. At first I don't understand. Then I realize that Noli is trying to tell me that he was seeing another girl. I'm not surprised. It's okay with me.

I have two stones in my hands. One is bright turquoise, and the other is a dark blue. They are totally different shapes. I use them to show Noli how Troy and I relate(d) to each other. The surfaces of the stones fit well together, even though their appearances have strong contrast.

There is are big festivities going on today. It's the 4th of July. We are outside. Lots of people are on their way somewhere. I'm meeting up with Noli's family. We walk towards each other on the street; I see Charley, Kathie, Laurie and others. Noli and Laurie and I split off to go get some almonds. Laurie wants something to eat before the big event starts. We are in a small candy store. There are long slender bags of almonds for 50 cents each. I decide to get two of them.

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