dreams: November 30, 1999

incense, Dinah, "Indulge"

I'm in a room with several people I know (hotel room?). The color tones of the walls and floor are amber-tan and light brown. My friends are sleeping. I'm trying to light incense to clear the energy in the room; I light a thin string that looks like dental floss, but I know it is supposed to be incense. I hang it on the wall. It burns really quickly, which is disappointing.

People are waking up now. They turn on the stereo. "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah" is the song that's playing. I sing along, realizing that I always hear this one (and it always makes me think of Dinah Shore, my great-aunt). I'm actually kind of tired of hearing it so often.

I'm looking through a women's fashion magazine. There is a new perfume being advertised called "Indulge." There are lots of other ads for products also starting with the letter "i." It somehow has to do with me personally. There is an article about "The Women's Haircut," referring to the style that all women would ultimately want if we could decide in our own self-contained worlds. It shows an illustration of the angle from the back: a blonde, short, particularly-shaped head. Then it shows a photo of a model from the front, with the same asymmetrical blonde haircut, though it looks a little different from this other angle. I see that the photo is also on the cover of the magazine.

My cousin Alan Lyons is in the room, still in bed waking up (and his brother Michael is somewhere nearby too, perhaps?). Other people have arrived.

- FIN -

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