dreams: July 5, 1999

Ko and I are engaged

Ko has an eating disorder. That's the rumor at least. I'm going through his closet. He has two identical pieces of each item of clothing: one medium and one large. I figure he doesn't really have an eating disorder. It just seems that way. I can relate to his situation. He probably just got two pieces of each clothing because he didn't know which would fit him better.

It turns out that Ko and I are getting married. I'm not totally sure I like the idea. I have extreme reservations. But I also feel like he's a good close friend.

I am in a big room with other people. It's a retreat. I'm going to take a bath. There are many soaps and bath salts that I get to pick through. I take a sandy-brown colored packet that is supposed to clear bad memories; I grab it thinking of my discomfort in my engagement to Ko. I also see a packet labeled "coconut," which sounds good. Being here feels comforting and nurturing.

- FIN -

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