dreams: August 17, 1999

touring with a lesbian grrl rock band

I'm explaining to Melissa Keevil how I toured around with a grrl rock band for awhile. We're standing closely in the aisle of a video rental place. I have the tape of the group in my hand. It's a lesbian group. Melissa's blonde-framed face is close to mine. I feel an energy. I know what's going on. She's attracted to women.

no attachments

I'm quickly having to decide what to take with me. I only need the essentials. I'm dumping out a small bag on a table, sorting out my possessions, giving up some stuff. It's so easy! No attachments, even though these are old and familiar. There is a handmade, small ceramic bowl with a big hole in the middle, like it's supposed to be there. There is also a little embroidered bookmark thing. I push them into a pile.

my face is on all the covers

I'm at Granddaddy and Patricia's house: a big, clean, light, carpeted living room with plush furniture. There are a stack of magazines here. I'm looking through them because my face is on all their covers. I'm visiting with Granddaddy and Patricia.

Madhu and Mani.

- FIN -

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