Swarthmore College Bowl's SNEWT

Every fall, during late September or early October, the Swarthmore College Bowl team hosts SNEWT, a tournament for freshmen and sophomores only. SNEWT was first held in fall 1997, and has easier questions than QOTC.

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Number Winner Synopsis Stats
VIICarnegie MellonSynopsisStats
VI Yale Synopsis Stats
V Case Western Synopsis Stats
IV Harvard Synopsis Stats
III Pennsylvania Synopsis Stats
II South Carolina Synopsis Stats
I Maryland-College Park Synopsis Stats



Sixteen teams attended SNEWT VII on November 16, 2001, including two from Swarthmore. Carnegie Mellon emerged as the undisputed winner, with a 10-0 record at the conclusion of the tournament; Maryland placed second, losing only once in a close match with CMU, while Case Western defeated Swarthmore A in the final playoff round to capture third place.


Twelve teams, including two from Swarthmore, came to SNEWT VI, held on October 6, 2001. After a round robin, Yale was in the lead with an 11-0 record and Maryland and Johns Hopkins C were tied for second at 8-3. Maryland having defeated Hopkins C in their matchup, Yale and Maryland went on to a best-out-of-three finals round, with Yale holding an initial one-game advantage. Although Maryland won the second round, Yale prevailed in the final match, thus taking home first place overall.


Eighteen teams attended SNEWT V. After a round robin in each bracket, Case Western University and Rutgers University were in the lead in their respective brackets. After a full round robin in the top bracket, Case Western won overwhelmingly and Rutgers came in second.


Sixteen teams (including one house team) came to SNEWT IV: Brainchild of QOTC. Cornell won the "Wronski" bracket, while Harvard (led by tournament high scorer Vik Vaz) won the "Jacobi" bracket; both went undefeated. (The brackets are named for the namesakes of matrics that the tournament director thought really cool, the Jacobian and the Wronskian.) In playoffs, however, Cornell stumbled, losing all of its games. Harvard, on the other hand, won its games easily, earning a sport in the final with Duke A. In the finals, Duke won the first game easily, as Harvard was scoreless at the half; however, Harvard (which entered the finals with a one-game advantage) pulled off the second game to win the tournament.


Twenty-one teams (including two house teams) came to SNEWT III: Descendant of QOTC. Yale A won the first bracket, losing only once on a forfeit to Pittsburgh because of their confusion over which players had contributed to which packets. Penn A won the other bracket, going undefeated. In cross-bracket playoffs, Penn A went undefeated to enter the finals with a one-game advantage. Although Yale won the first game of finals, Penn won the second 220-210 to take first place. Brian Udoff of Johns Hopkins A finished first among individuals, in spite of twenty negs.


Sixteen teams (including two successful house teams) came to SNEWT II: Grandson of QOTC. South Carolina and Penn A won their brackets, and finished at the top of upper playoff bracket. In the finals, South Carolina and Penn A split two games, making South Carolina (Adam Humphreys, Daniel Jones, and Chris Gaton) the champions. Adam Humphreys was also the tournament's top scorer


Fourteen teams (including one house team) came to SNEWT I: Son of QOTC. Maryland A (Julie Singer, Mark Tervaskoski, Bill Schmeh, and Shaun Hayeslip) won the round robin schedule, losing only to Princeton. Second place Johns Hopkins Blue lost only to Maryland A and Yale. Julie was also the tournament's high scorer.

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