Swarthmore College Bowl's QOTC IX

Here is the tournament announcement:

Swarthmore College Bowl is pleased to formally announce QOTC X, our annual untimed mACF tournament for March 3, 2001. Rounds will consist of 20 tossups and boni. Every team will submit a packet, guidelines for which are below. The fields is limited to 22 teams. Email Peter Austin (paustin@sccs.swarthmore.edu) to reserve slots.

The base fee is $100/team, and includes donuts and pizza. The minimum fee is $50/team. Specific penalties and discounts are: -$10 for packets submitted by 18 Feb; +20 for packets submitted after 25 Feb; +35 if you don't submit a packet and we let you play; -$10 for game officials; -$5 for buzzers; +$8 for an additional pizza; and +$40 for not showing without 24 hours notice or emergencies. Pay by cash or make checks out to Rebecca Paul. Unless discussed in advance, we won't accept checks made out to any other party. We may offer a long-distance discount. Talk to us if you're interested.

All competitors must be students registered at a college or university and working toward a bona fide degree. Teams may have any number of players, but only four may play at once. No masters teams; coalition teams are ineligible for the championship, and must check with us before registering.

Packets should have 4 history, 4 lit, 4 science (maximum 2 history of science questions), 3 art, 3 religion/mythology/philosophy, 2 geography, 2 current events, 2 trash, and 2 social science questions, for a total of 26 tossups and bonuses. Organize questions by category, and underline essential information. Vary questions within categories, and vary kinds of answers. No FAQTP tossups; spelling questions; one-part all-or-nothing bonuses; non-30-point bonuses; multiple choice, ordering, or binary questions; bonuses requiring more than four team consultations. Write substantive questions; avoid the Trite and the Trivial. Give clues in a way that will reward knowledge of the category in which you classify your question. For example, a Richard Nixon question classified as history shouldn't start with a Simpson's reference. Questions must be original. We reserve the right to reject packets that ignore our guidelines, have been compromised, or are of especially low quality.

Send packets to Benjamin Schak at qb@schak.com. Email Peter Austin at paustin@sccs.swarthmore.edu with other issues.

Maintained by Adrian Packel. For more information, contact Chris White.