Swarthmore College Bowl Results (1996-7)

Tournament Dates Results
Johns Hopkins Fall Inv. Tourn. 28 September 1996 Results
UMCP's Marion Barry Fraud Bowl 3 November 1996 Results
Penn St.'s Nittany Lion Inv. Tourn. 9 November 1996 Results
NAQT Sectionals 15-16 November 1996 Results
Princeton's "Return to Redenbacher" Tourn. 23 November 1996 Results
NAQT ICT 24-5 January 1997 Results
UMBC's Bigger Cooler Buzzer Convocation 8 February 1997 Results
Penn's Kreme Cheese Cup 6 April 1997
Maryland's D.S. Hamilton Inv. Tourn. 2-3 May 1997 Results


Johns Hopkins Fall Inv. Tourn.

We sent one team (of Ed Cohn, Fred Bush, Josh Miller, and Otavia Propper) and finished with a 9-3 record. That was enough to come in third in the round robin, but we lost to GW in the first round of the playoffs. Ed was the fourth highest scorer (making the tournament All-Star team) and Fred was sixth.

Marion Barry Fraud Bowl

We sent two teams: Fred Bush was the fifth highest scorer.

Nittany Lion Inv. Tourn.

We sent one team of Fred Bush, Joe Robins, Josh Miller, and Jon Kiang. The team made the playoffs, but lost to Cornell in the quarterfinals. Fred was the ninth-highest scorer.

NAQT Sectionals

We had some major transportation problems, but managed to get a partial team to the tournament. Fred Bush and Ed Cohn played in all the rounds, and Josh Miller played Friday night, but had to return our van to Swat. The team's record was therefore a disappointing 4-9, but our play early at the tournament was strong enough for us to reach the winner's bracket. Fred was the ninth highest scorer, and Ed was tenth.

"Return to Redenbacher" Tourn.

We sent three teams to Princeton, Swat Truth (Ed Cohn, Jeff Lockman, Jonathan Shainin, and Josh Miller), Swat Justice (Alastair Thompson, Jon Kiang, and Ed Whitehouse), and Swat The American Way (Fred Bush, Jessica Harbour, Dave Ryan, and Otavia Propper). Swat Truth finished 11-1 in its bracket and came in third at the tournament, losing to Johns Hopkins A in the semi-finals, while Swat the American Way finished 10-2 in its bracket and came in fourth (losing the other semifinal to Maryland A). Fred Bush, Alastair Thompson, and Ed Cohn were all among the top ten scorers.

Intercollegiate Championship Tourn. (NAQT)

We sent two teams to the NAQT Championship. Swarthmore A, made up of Ed Cohn, Fred Bush, Jon Shainin, and Bob Griffin, placed 26th at the tournament. Swarthmore B (made up of Josh Miller, Will Quale, and Dave Mimno) played only on Saturday, when it took the place of a team that didn't show up. Swarthmore B began with a series of forfeit losses (giving it a very tough schedule, given that the tournament format was Swiss pairs) and placed 57th. Overall, Swarthmore had the strongest showing of any liberal arts school at the tournament, and was the smallest school in attendance.

Bigger Cooler Buzzer Convocation

We sent two teams, Swarthmore Red and Swarthmore Gold; the former was the second seed in the partial round robin with an 11-0 record, while the latter had a 2-10 record. Unfortunately, though Swarthmore Red fell to Roanoke in the first round of the playoffs. Fred Bush was the third leading scorer.

D.S. Hamilton Inv. Tourn.

Ed Cohn, Jessica Harbour, and Josh Miller attended this tournament, braving the trip in the midst of reading period. Despite being short a player, the team placed third, losing narrowly to Maryland A, Chicago, and Georgetown in the round robin, before avenging its loss to Chicago (and falling to Maryland A and Michigan) in the winners' bracket. The team ended with an 8-5 record, and Ed was the 6th highest scorer.

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