Swarthmore College Bowl Roster, 2002-03

The Swarthmore team is quickly growing, with a diverse blend of experienced veterans and promising novices. To get a feel for the members of the team, read on. (Biographies are gradually being added to the page.)

Active Members

Chris White '05, president
Major: Undeclared
Adam Oleksa, '05, treasurer
Major: Undeclared
Adrian Packel '04, webmaster
Major: Greek
Cameron Higby-Naquin, '05
Major: Undeclared
Jeff Traczynski, '04
Major: Latin, Economics
Juan-Matthew Bulnes-Fowles, '04
Major: Mathematics. Minor: Computer science
Will Schricker, '04
Matt Fiedler, '06
Emily Ullman, '06
Rachel Winer, '06
Alex Glick, '06


Fred Bush, '98
Majors: English Lit. and Psychology
The team's geography expert, transportation tsar, and 1995-6 president, Fred has rather miraculously managed to secure employment, writing blurbs for "TV Guide." A co-founder of TRASH, he has been immortalized as the subject of the infamous Fred Packet.
Ed Cohn, '99
Major: History
Ed has a penchant for knowing rather obscure historical and political facts. If a question involves US senators, the rest of Ed's team can take a quick nap, while the opposing team prepares to lose another tossup to the power of Ed.
Adam Fagen '93
Major: Biology
Adam gave QOTC its name, and was one of the first presidents of the team. He is now a player and coach for Harvard.
Pat Friel, '96
Major: Mathematics
Patrick, a former team president and current UCLA player, is a recent "Jeopardy!" champion and the self-described "ghost of Hamlet's father of Swarthmore College Bowl."
Jessica Harbour '99
Major: History
Besides being the Queen of Trash (including, but not limited to, all Ga. Tech sports trivia), Jess speaks French and answers Chinese history questions.
Josh Miller, '00
Major: Political Science
Josh is a former leader of this fine organiation, and is known for his eclectic tastes, including the movie "Victory" and the music of Jim Croce. Like Fred, he has been immortalized as the subject of a Josh Packet.
Arcadia Falcone, '02
Major: Unknown
Arcadia can be spotted by the vividness of her black clothes. She is an expert on Steven Sondheim, and would like to instate "Sweeney Todd" as the team musical.
Rebecca Paul, '02
Major: Mathematics. Minor: Economics
Previous biography: "Rebecca maintains this website. For this reason, there is no quirky biography here. (It is good to be the webmistress.)
Rebecca is a direct descendant of every important early Northeastern White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. She once memorized the WXYZ volumes of several encyclopedias.
She isn't the only one who has access to this website. For this reason, a completely fictitious quirky biography has been placed here. (It is good to be a file-permission-holding deviant.)
Rebecca is also the most cheerful and good-natured member of the team. Consequently, she generally does registration at tournaments and deals with those to whom the rest of us would probably send an Email of Hatred (cf. lexicon).
Peter Austin, '02
Major: History
Peter is the current resident expert on history, astronomy, and battleships named after US states.
He is a former president and tournament director, but has (willingly) given up his position to the younger team members. The team breathed a sigh of relief when Peter's term ended, as they will no longer be arriving at tournaments two hours before they start.
R. Dan Blim, '02
Major: Music, Art History
As an art history and music lover, he is the one person on the team willing to defend Cage music and "Fountain" as art.

Former Members/Missing in Action

Michael Noda '04, statistician
Major: Economics. Minor: Mathematics
Benjamin Schak, '03
Major: Mathematics
Ben knows all the winners of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, but not what they did. He also thinks he knows the answer to all ACF math tossups.
Jonah Volk, '03
Major: Computer Science, History
That's Jonah, J-O-N-A-H.
Ascencion Duenas, '04
Major: Undeclared

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