Swarthmore College Bowl's Intramurals

Near the middle of the academic year, the college bowl team runs an intramural tournament open to all members of the Swarthmore community. We used CBI question from 1995/96 to 1997/98, and NAQT IM questions from 1998/99 to present.


Year Award Winner
2000/01 n/a Intramurals were never held last year. This unfortunate occurrence can be blamed squarely on NAQT; they simply never sent us the packets we ordered.
1999/2000 First Double C (Peter Austin, Bruce Lichtenstein, Colin Moore, Sydnor Roy)
Second A Team (Dan Blim, Josh Galun, Nick Ouellette, Casey Smith)
Third Lusting After Mimi (Be-Bop, Josh Miller, Mimi, Umbrella)
Individual Austin
1998/99 First Mixed 2 (Joanna Brown, Ed Cohn, Lenette Lu, Stephanie Wojtkowski)
Second Capital Pun Ishment (Robert McFarland, Ben Newman, Hannah Rakoff)
Individual Cohn
1997/98 First Ed and Jeff (Cohn and Jeff Lockman)
Second French Literary Critics Go to Vegas (Fred Bush, Jessica Harbour, Liz Nickrenz, Laura Pomerance, Tom Stenson)
Individual Cohn
1996/97 First Us (Cohn, Lockman, Jon Shainin)
Second My Little Pony Goes to Hell (Harbour, Nickrenz, Pomerance, Stenson)
Individual J. Miller
1995/96 First The Sons of Daihatsu (Patrick Friel, Lockman, Larry Miller)
Second Voltron (Dan Berenberg, Bush, Harbour, Will Quale)
Individual Cohn
1994/95 Individual Dave Lewis

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