Swarthmore College Bowl Schedule (2000-1)

Tournament Dates Results
SNEWT 5 October 2000 Results
TRASH Regionals 4 November 2000 Results




TRASH Regionals

A team of Peter Austin '02, Rebecca Paul '02, Mark Romanowsky '03, Ascencion Duenas '04, and Michael Noda '04 attended TRASH Regionals at GWU in DC. The team ended a round robin 2-7, with wins over Delaware and Villanova and a close loss (170-125) to Maryland at Baltimore Cty.; in the final rounds, the team beat the "Free Agents" team (145-20) and played an exciting round against itself. The individual players all had good games, including one game in which Mark scored 50 pts. and averages of about 20 ppg for Michael and 15 ppg for Rebecca. In addition, each player answered questions on subjects to which they will not admit, including the TV show "Card Captors," the AASTR, the magazine "Cosmopolitan," and "Roto-Rooter."

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